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Month: August, 2010

The Importance of Ignorance

Ignorance serves a purpose.  Without ignorance there would be no power. Without ignorance no one would be able to be taken advantage of without their consent.  For centuries ignorance has played a role in allowing a few to gain control of the majority.  It is true even today all over the world. Those that want power must depend on the ignorance of those that they want control over. Look at today’s events and the role that the media plays in distorting the truth as well as the pundits that assist in this distortion.  A good friend of mine once said that the truth is always somewhere in the middle.  Which is why we should avoid extremes.  Can truth be subjective?


Most of what I write is in the form of poetry. I am most inspired when I am in love. I have been in love for two years and have lots of poetry to show for it. But that is all I have to show for it for the exception of some beautiful memories. I wonder sometimes why love has to be so complicated when it could be so simple. Just fall in love and let the experience happen. Why put restrictions on it? But of course things cannot always be the way you want them to be and expectations usually lead to disappointment. People can’t always meet your needs and timing is also a factor. But I am curious about the “fear factor” in love. Such as when someone says that they cannot be in a relationship because they are afraid, even though it is seemingly a great relationship. I am puzzled by this. When a person says to you that you are their cup of tea, that all is good, that there are no issues, why then would fear be the reason to not go forward? Isn’t that what most people are looking for? The person that you finally find that makes you happy? So the poetry is a way of expressing my feelings but the poetry does not necessarily express the feelings of the other person. I may try to incorporate their feelings into the poetry but it might not be their true feelings. Poetry is very personal and people don’t always get it. But that’s ok because if it comes from the heart, it is honest and that what poetry is to me: honesty.

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