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The Ugly Side of America

The Ugly Side of America.

The Ugly Side of America

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The latest attack on President Obama comes from a “so-called” intellectual by the name of Newt Gingrich.  He referred to Obama as a “Kenyan tribesman”.  I am insulted and I hope many others are also insulted, whether you are black or white. We don’t have to agree with the current politics but since Obama has taken office he has been met with derision, disrespect and virtually no support for his efforts to turn the country around. People have short memories and look for scapegoats.  Rather than holding the previous administration responsible for the current crisis, it is easier and more popular to blame the current administration.  It appears that there are a certain number of white men who continue the tradition of racism by publicly humiliating Obama and cannot support him as a man or as President because he is black.  It doesn’t matter that he also has Irish roots, most black people do have Irish roots if you check out their DNA. But that is due to slavery. Obama’s parents were in a consensual relationship.  So one week this racist group questions his religion and the following week question his motives as being related to his dead father’s wishes.  And at the same time, some of those same people want to lump all Muslims into the same bag.  Many Muslims, Jews and Christians lost their lives during 9/11.  What kind of America do we really want? An America driven by a paranoid minority? An America that can’t move on from its ugly history?  This is the ugly side of America. We are in big trouble if this is the road that we are on.