The Ugly Side of America, Part 4: War is Hell

by snaffy

We need our heroes. We need our enemies. War provides both.  Since the industrial revolution, America has been revving up for wars. With every new technological advancement the weapons become more sophisticated.  Weapons that are guaranteed to maim and kill. Each family or loved one that loses someone pays a heavy price for the folly of misguided men who believe that war is the answer to the world’s problems.  Whose freedoms are we protecting?  We have not learned anything from all of the wars that have been fought except that we know of the carnage, devastation and displacement of people that war causes. Yet it is not enough to deter us from future wars.  It is a major sacrifice to send a child off to war.  The ones that do come back are changed forever. They grow up fast in a war. Those that are lost will never get the chance to reach their full potential, to live a full and productive life.  Yes they enlisted. But they enlisted under the pretense of defending our freedoms.  And yes, if we are under a direct threat, we should protect ourselves. Who is going to benefit from war? This is a question to ponder as well as explore.  Money is always involved. Follow the money and see where it leads.  Many soldiers that do return, return with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that can stay with a person for a lifetime. Many come back drug addicted.  And many more come back maimed physically, emotionally, physically and spiritually. War is hell.